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October Teas & Missing the Taste of Coffee (Just Kidding!)

Have you ever wanted to drink less coffee, but found yourself missing the taste of coffee? Us too! (no, not really, we are all tea junkies here) Well, the blender we use at Loose Leaf Club came up with the idea of combining Houjicha which is a popular Japanese green tea and Tisano Cacao to create our exclusive tea this month, Cocoa Houjicha. Traditional Houjicha has a dark color due to the roasting process, which smooths out the bitterness and brings out beautiful aromatic, savory and smoky flavors. The roasting process also reduces the amount of caffeine to be less than decaffeinated tea.The warm, sweet flavors with savory undertones are reminiscent of salted caramel. The Tisano Cacao adds a rich dark chocolate aroma with delicate chocolate flavor tones lingering on the palate. It is made with 100% organic Tisano Cacao shells. Check out for more information on their company. For the Houjicha used in this blend, we chose Toshiaki Kinezuka of the The Kinezuka Family (NaturaliTea). Toshiaki with his wife Kazue and their three children Ayumi, Tamiko and Kazuki run a small, 2 hectare, completely organic tea farm in Shizuoka, Japan. Their fields are located in Nakayama Village, up in the mountains behind the city of Fujieda. They are about 200km southeast of Tokyo. The Kinezuka Family is considered one of Japan’s pioneers for all-natural tea farming. Toshiaki...

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Our Experience at NW Tea Festival – More Tea, More Fun, & More Curiosity

Flashback to last weekend and I was attending the NW Tea Festival in my hometown of Seattle. This two day festival brought vendors from all over the country together to give tea fanatics the chance to taste their wares with free samples, tea tastings, and educational tea workshops. I got to take a class to from Heather Agosta, President and Co-founder of the Jasmine Pearl Tea Company out of Portland, Oregon and learned how to someday do my own blends for Loose Leaf Club! As I wandered the room, I got to meet Bill Richardson and chat with him about his new publication...

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Loose Leaf Tea: A Matcha Made in Heaven

Author’s Note: This is a repost from our July Blog. It’s Matcha month here at Loose Leaf Club! In addition to providing one of the finest selections of small family farm matcha tea in our loose leaf tea box, we are excited to share some of our favorite matcha recipes. Keep reading if you are a fan of smoothies, ice cream, cookies and cupcakes. Not sure about you, but my mouth is already watering! First, maybe you are one of the occasional tea sippers who has heard of the delicious green powder that is matcha but you don’t really know much about it. What is Matcha? This tea is a special powder tea with a bright green color. Many of you may have tried matcha, but haven’t experienced the top-notch selection that we are excited to introduce that is produced in small batches from just one garden! The green tea leaves are shaded from the sun for the final few weeks of their growth, increasing their chlorophyll content and creating a gorgeous green color. The leaves are carefully ground with stone grinding wheels to produce a fine powder that can be used to brew an antioxidant rich frothy green tea or as an ingredient in smoothies or other delicious recipes! You consume the entire leaf, which makes Matcha much more potent than traditional green tea. In fact, research has...

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How to Make Loose Leaf Tea & Achieve the Perfect Cup

Hello from Loose Leaf Club! Join us as we attempt to simplify the nuances of tea. In this post you will learn how to make loose leaf tea and achieve the taste you prefer. You may be new to loose leaf tea, and may even learn some fun facts for those of you who are already hooked on tea! If you know how to brew the best tea from a bag and think it’s as good as it gets, read on because you’re not in Kansas anymore. The difference between your tea bag and the world of loose leaf teas...

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