Author: Iva Tkalec

Top ten innovative new tea gadgets for every tea lover

What are the top ten innovative new tea gadgets of the year? Although some might argue that true tea lovers use only traditional methods with dozens of steeps and utensils, truly experienced tea addicts will prove this is not always the case. Every tea lover started the same: from simple cheap teabag, moving forward to loose leaf, falling in love with tea and soon couldn’t imagine life without tea. This is where tea gadgets come in handy and give you the opportunity to enjoy tea in every moment and situation. Simplicity of use, elegance, innovative technologies, even “wireless brewing”...

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Top Destinations for Tea Tourism

Travel and tea go hand in hand. Yes, there are certainly some fun spots to sip your cup of favorite beverage right down the street, but why not add a bit of adventurism and discover the best tea tourism destinations? Do you feel like flying away to some hot exotic location? Or would you rather explore the hidden tea spots of old Europe? Maybe you are more of a traditional type when it comes to tea and think the Orient is the place to be? Read our guide with 18 amazing top destinations for tea tourism, and after all...

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