mary_allardBeing the new kid on the block, I am in awe of the many “tea celebrities” in this industry. Since starting Loose Leaf Club this year, I have been developing my own online tea community and have decided to reach out to interview legends in the industry to curate their knowledge for my audience. Today’s interview is with Mary Allard with the company The Tea Spot.

As Sales and Community Manager, Mary loves to tell the Tea Spot’s story, share her passion for holistic health and help provide that perfect cup of tea to her customers. This is the first in a series of interviews shared on twitter. The questions remain the same, the answers will give you an insight into the thoughts of these “celebrities”!

The spotlight is on Mary:

1. Why do you think people drink loose leaf tea?

For a number of reasons, but being that The Tea Spot has a strong foundation in health, a number of our customers come to us looking for a healthy alternative to coffee or sugary drinks. Personally, I drink loose leaf tea, not just for the abundance of health benefits, but for the sense of ceremony and routine it provides me. It gives me a moment to ground with myself or allows me a means to bring together my favorite people.

It is a practice of self-care and community, all in one cuppa. Beyond that, many drink loose leaf tea as a more sustainable choice to bagged tea, or RTD drinks.

2. What supplies do you use to brew your tea?

My Steeping Mug from The Tea Spot is a staple in my cabinet at home and in the office. Not a day goes by where I don’t use it to infuse and re-infuse my tea of choice. No measuring spoon necessary for me, as one of the things I love most about loose leaf tea is that you can play with it! I make a stronger brew by adding more tea or steeping longer, when I am needing uplifting, or I steep for only 30 seconds and manipulate the temperature each additional infusion, so that I can experience the full leaf and how dynamic each cup can be…

3. What is your favorite variety of tea?

The first tea I fell head over heels for was Gyokuro, Japanese Green tea. Since then, it’s nearly impossible for me to choose my favorite variety, as today alone I have had a turmeric chai, some Bolder Breakfast, and even a bit of straight Rooibos. The variety I choose changes by the moment, but lately a good Darjeeling calls my name.

4. If you could sit anywhere in the world and sip tea, where would you choose and why?

A treehouse in Japan, near a tea garden, because it just sounds epic…

My thanks to Mary Allard at The Tea Spot for sharing her thoughts on tea!

You may follow Mary and The Tea Spot here.

Happy Sipping,

Debbie Warren
Founder/Chief Tea Taster
Loose Leaf Club

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