Hello future tea drinkers!

Have you ever wanted into a tea shop and been mesmerized by the smells, sights and atmosphere of that experience and seeing all that lovely loose leaf tea. If you have, you’ve come to the right club! Even if you haven’t, and the prospect peaks your interest, you’ve come to the right club! If you think tea is just for old ladies and gentlemen, you’d be surprised to know a significant portion of tea drinkers are millennials too! We enjoy opening a discussion around loose leaf tea and some of the amazing faces behind our suppliers. Most importantly, we want to make sure that if you have never tried loose leaf tea before, you get the information you need to have great results and have that perfect first cup of tea. In addition, we offer a carefully chosen a range of accessories that we think will greatly enhance your tea experience.

We know you’ll have a great experience with our truly unique and exotic tea flavors, as well as learning about the farms and faces who make it possible. On our blog page and throughout our website, we’ll be sharing the benefits of loose leaf tea, our ideas for steeping your tea, more history on the farms where we source your loose leaf, cool new tea recipes, and tasting notes.

We’re sure you will love our teas and truly hope you’ll tell your friends and family about us too. Give us a shout out for your favorite tea from your box, favorite tea recipe and join our community of folks making loose leaf tea drinking even more fun!

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~Debbie, Loose Leaf Club LLC

loose leaf club founder

Debbie, Chief Taster

Proud to be a part of the loose leaf tea scene and looking forward to serving you (and your mug)!