What is the Difference Between Whole Leaf Tea and Teabags?

There is one fundamental difference between whole leaf tea and teabags and that is the size of the leaf. Teabags use little specs of tea called “fannings,” which are little more than tea dust. Whole leaf tea uses a large part of the tea leaf. While you may think that the difference is superficial, I am here to tell you that it is not. First, we need to look at how tea is produced.

Teas have a lot of essential flavor compounds, such as tannins and essential oils, that give it flavor. When tea leaves are cut or broken into tiny little specs, these flavor compounds dry out very quickly. When they dry out, they are no longer as flavorful as they used to be.

How is Loose Leaf Tea Superior?

When tea leaves are left in their full, natural form, they do not dry out nearly as quickly. Due to this, they hold onto these tasty flavor compounds and give the tea more flavor and aroma when brewed. Just think of it this way, when you eat a bag of potato chips, the big chips always taste better than the dust left at the bottom of the bag. The exact same thing applies to tea.

Comparing loose leaf tea to teabags is like comparing freshly cut red roses to plastic ones. Okay, not quite the same, but still you get the point!

What is Direct Trade and How does it Affect Me?

Though not all of our loose leaf teas are certified organic, the farms who grow our tea have displayed strong moral foundations by empowering their tea farm workers through better wages & conditions, housing, & specialized training. Additionally farms we buy from have sustainable, eco-friendly practices and no pesticides are used. We support and encourage direct trade and transparency in the tea industry which is about empowerment and exchanging value (a fair price) with the tea farmer/producer so they can build a strong life and community for themselves. You should know where your tea was grown, when your leaves were picked and who picked and processed your tea leaves. That is Direct Trade Tea!!

Can I Order Caffeine-free Tea from Loose Leaf Club?

You can choose no caffeine in the dropdown menu when adding your subscription plan to your shopping cart – we don’t judge! Have any questions? Simply give us a shout at contactus@looseleafclub.com along with your order info and we’ll take care of you!

When Will My Tea Arrive? What Are Your Shipping Options?

We know that excitement of waiting for your delicious loose leaf teas to arrive. We currently ship via USPS First Class Mail while teas are typically mailed by the 18th of each month.

How am I Billed by Loose Leaf Club?

Recurring subscriptions are billed in monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual increments from your initial purchase date which allows us to pay our farmers in advance for their hard work in planting crops just for us.

I'm Outside the United States. Can You Ship Internationally?

Unfortunately due to the current stage of our business, we are only able to ship to the United States. However, this may change as we continue to grow!

What is Your Cancellation/Refund Policy?

Loose Leaf Club teas are specially ordered and we have just enough of each batch to fulfill current demand, which is why we work on pre-order basis. Due to the exacting and very personal nature of our teas, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on the tea that we sell nor can we offer refunds on tea of the month club subscription payments. If you find that one of your monthly tea selections is not your “cup of tea,” we’ll be happy to ship you an extra tea in the next box free. If you believe you have exceptional circumstances that require our attention, please feel free to reach out to us.

I Have a Question Not Listed Above. Who Can I Talk To?

We’re here for you with any questions or concerns! Please do shoot us a message at contactus@loosleafclub.com