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Loose Leaf Club Collection (Monthly)

$25.00 / month

Your own Loose Leaf Club collection of loose leaf teas delivered monthly. Includes three 1oz. teas (1 blend) and 1 sample. MSRP: $35 per box.

The teas featured in February’s box include two blends of chocolate and flowers to celebrate the month of February. Both are provided by women farmers who specialize in custom handcrafted loose leaf tea blends.  Featured from Jhentea are two Taiwan oolong teas, Forever Spring and Forever Spring Classic. Both blends have ingredients that are sourced and made for us this month! Picked at the peak of freshness in Spring of 2016. Also included are Te Amore, a tisane of lemongrass, ashwagandha root, carob bean, coconut, rose petals, oatstraw and passionfruit herb. It is both caffeine free and organic.

Sourced from a second company, whom works with our direct trade tea vendor, constructs blends with organic, and local sourced ingredients. She offers a Persian Plum Rose with a flavor similar to Mariage Frere tea, its an exotic blend of organic black teas, with subtle notes of plum & rose petals, and a pleasant finish of cardamom spice.



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