Being the new kid on the block, I am in awe of the many “tea celebrities” in this industry. Since starting Loose Leaf Club this year, I have been developing my own online tea community and have decided to reach out to interview legends in the industry to curate their knowledge for my audience. Today’s interview is with Tony Gebely from World of Tea.Tony has built a strong online presence in the tea world and has consulted on many tea projects and helped spread tea culture with his tea tastings and writings.His website World of Tea won the World Tea Expo’s Best Tea Blog award two years in a row and continues to be one of the most visited tea websites in the United States. Make sure you check out his recent book: Tea-A User’s Guide.

The spotlight is on Tony:

Why do you think people drink loose leaf tea?

This is an interesting question. If this were a survey of the tea drinking public worldwide, the answers would probably be, 1. to wake up in the morning, 2. for health reasons and 3. because of the taste. In that order.

What is your daily tea brewing routine?

I use a Finum filter in a mug for 90% of my daily tea drinking routine, when I have time I use a Gawain or a yixing pot, so that makes up the other 10%.

What is your favorite tea?

Anything made from the Meizhan cultivar, I have green meizhan, black meizhan, and oolong meizhan, I ran out of my white meizhan. This is an often overlooked oolong cultivar and I’m in love with the taste of teas produced from it.

If you could sit anywhere in the world and sip tea, where would you choose and why?

On the beach at sunset on Gili Trawangan in Indonesia. It’s the perfect setting to sip tea and watch the sun dip into the water.

Many thanks to Tony Gebely for sharing his thoughts on tea!

Happy Sipping,